Complete Cold Chain QC

Posted by David Anderson on

At Bridge Analyzers we pride ourselves on being one of the best MAP Gas Analyzer companies in the world.

But that’s not all we do.

We are taking new steps forward in order to become a leading provider of holistic quality control and quality assurance solutions across the whole cold chain, from farm and field to fork, and everywhere in between.

As part of this new phase of our company’s evolution, we are adding a variety of products that will allow us to reach our goal of being a holistic quality control solutions provider across the supply chains of various industries.

Our latest offerings include a complete line of Ambient Gas Detectors that can be used in production facilities as a safety measure and form of redundancy to our MAP Gas Analyzers, as well as a complete line of Dataloggers that measure several key quality control variables including: temperature, pressure, and humidity. 

Our Ambient Gas Detectors are rugged, easy to use and have both visual and audible alarms that notify the user when gas levels exceed specified limits. They are also fitted with internal sampling pumps that provide active sampling of the gas under detection, which delivers fast response times. Our Ambient Gas Detectors can be calibrated by the user based on the type of environment being tested. They also all include a power supply to recharge the detector, as well as a sample tube that can be used to test the detector against a standard reference gas. They all come in hard protective metal cases with cushioned, molded foam interiors, ensuring device safety, storage and portability.