MAP Gas Analyzers Bolster Food Industry Supply Chain

Posted by David Anderson on

Our MAP gas analyzers play a vital role in the food industry supply chain. From our MAP users who produce and package food to the retailers who sell their products, all the way down to the consumer who will enjoy them, we are an integral part in maintaining the vitality of the food industry supply chain. And right now, during this pandemic, maintaining the food industry supply chain is more important than ever before.  

MAP analyzers are used by our food processing customers in their Quality Control testing processes to confirm that their finished, packaged product is fully sealed from air intrusion and incorporates the proper gas mixture to meet desired safety, shelf life, and product appearance standards. 

Our MAP gas analyzers also ensure that the food our MAP users are packaging has the longest shelf-life and best appearance possible. 

To confidently ensure that your MAP packaging process is working as it should, it is crucial that you have a way of controlling the efficacy of the MAP process on a package by package level. Our MAP gas analyzers enable you to do this with confidence. 

The direct benefit to our customers is obvious, as they use our analyzer to measure gas levels in their packaged food before it goes to market, but what might not be so apparent is the benefit we bring down the supply chain, to the retailers who sell the product our MAP customers package, and finally to the consumers who enjoy that product. 

We provide our MAP users with a great Quality Control mechanism, ensuring that they are delivering safe, shelf-life optimized, and aesthetically appealing product to their wholesale and retail clients. In turn, these wholesalers and retailers can then confidently sell the product to their consumers, whether that be a shopper in a grocery store or someone dining at a restaurant.

At the end of the day, we are committed to ensuring that quality food gets all the way down the supply chain to the consumers who will enjoy it, no matter what the circumstances.