Quality Control Empowers Crunch Quality

Posted by David Anderson on

Bridge MAP Gas Analyzers Improve Crunch Quality and Quality Control

What’s your favorite snack food?

Potato chips? Tortilla chips? Pretzels?

Whatever it is, just imagine eating a handful of them right now.

What is the first thing you imagine?

Is it the shock of saltiness that wakes up your taste buds?

Or is it the amazing mixture of starch and fat that is so satisfying to your palate?

Or… is it the crunch?

It is probably all of these, but we’re guessing it’s mostly the quality of the crunch, or as we like to think of it, the Crunch Quality.

Crunch Quality is what snacks are all about

Eating a snack food is about smell, taste, and sound.

Yes, sound.

That crunch in your ear as you mash into a handful of chips combined with the salty, fatty, starchy flavor is hard to beat.

Now imagine eating a chip or pretzel that is stale or has no crunch.

Not the same culinary experience as eating a perfectly fresh, crunchy snack is it?

Actually, if you ask us, eating a stale snack is a lot like eating a wet sock. (And we’ve yet to meet someone who likes eating wet socks.)

We’re harping on the importance of crunch, because crunch is king when it comes to snack foods, and the only way to ensure that your product maintains its signature crunch is to make sure it stays fresh.

Bridge MAP Gas Analyzers ensure that Crunch stays King

Which is where we come in. Using our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Gas Analyzers to test packages of your snack food should be one of your standard Quality Control procedures.

While high-barrier packaging films paired with nitrogen-flushing are necessary parts of keeping your snack foods fresh and crunchy, you also need to test packages off your production line on a consistent basis to make sure that your gas levels are correct and that the integrity of your packaging remains sound. If either of these factors is off in anyway, your product quality will suffer and you’ll run the risk of depriving your customers of that crunch they so desire, that crunch that made them pick up your bag of snacks in the first place.

Don’t deprive your customers of crunch. (Don’t run the risk of giving them wet socks. No one likes wet socks.)

Contact us to find out how we can help you keep your quality crunchy, or should I say, keep up your crunch quality.

We’d love to talk with you about how our series of MAP Gas Analyzers can help you strengthen your Quality Control protocols and continue delivering great products to your customers.