Sample Needle as Key to Confident Gas Analysis

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Confident Gas Testing with Bridge Sample Needles

When it comes to taking a sample of headspace gas, everyone knows you need a needle. The sampling process is appears to be quite simple. The needle pierces the overwrap, draws a sample, and then the analyzer takes over. This process should be simple, and often when quality control specialists consider it, the analyzer is the only thing that they focus on. This is good, because the analyzer is very important.  What is often not considered is the needle and filter combination that is being used to take the sample of headspace gas.

A needle is a needle, right?


Our competitors use hypodermic needles on their analyzers, but we have discovered that due to the sharp nature of hypodermic needles they can easily become blocked and contaminated by both the septum material and the product that is being sampled, thus giving a faulty gas reading. In contrast, all Bridge MAP analyzers use specially designed sample needles and filters for sampling headspace gas.

Bridge Sample Needle VS Generic Hypodermic Needle

The Bridge sample needle is a cross-drilled, pencil-point needle designed to provide redundant gas input ports located away from the closed needl­­­e tip.  Hypodermic needles, by contrast, have a single beveled sharp point entry at the needle tip.  When used to sample headspace gas, the Bridge needle pierces the overwrap and pulls in sample gas through the two cross-drilled entry ports – providing minimal gas restriction while maintaining low sample volume.

Bridge needle Bridge Analyzers proprietary needle technology

These ports are perpendicular to the needle surface and located 6 mm from the needle tip – providing a lower risk of needle contamination.

Hypodermic needles are provided in a variety of sizes – with some having substantially larger entry volume, and some having substantially greater gas flow restriction.  All of them have sharp bevel cut front entry. This is not only dangerous to the user (needle pricks), but offers no protection from contaminate ingestion.  If the needle inadvertently contacts product, it can easily ingest contamination as it has a single – forward-facing entry port – as they are designed for piercing and liquid delivery or ingestion.

Hypodermic needle vs Bridge Proprietary Needle
Hypodermic needle vs Bridge Proprietary Needle

Consequences of Using Unapproved Needles & Filters as Opposed to Bridge Needles & Filters

The use of generic needles and filters versus Bridge needles and filters can result in poor and unreliable analyzer performance, frequent returns for service, and early product failure.


At Bridge Analyzers, we are obsessed with precision. Every needle, filter, analyzer, part, and accessory we make and service is put through a series of stringent diagnostic and quality control tests to ensure that the products we deliver to our clients are sound, precisely calibrated, and ready to use with confidence. We know that you don’t have the time for second-guessing or doubt when you are testing headspace gas in your product, which is why we believe that being able to trust your equipment is of the utmost importance.

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