Posted by David Anderson on

In this time of crisis we simply want to let all of you (our customers) know that we are still operating as normal. We are still selling new MAP and EGA gas analyzers and their parts and accessories, as well as continuing on with our regular maintenance and repair schedule. 

All of the businesses we are proud to count as customers are “essential businesses” according to the shelter-in-place orders of the fifteen states (so far) that have put them into effect. In short, we are an essential business because you are essential businesses, therefore we will not be shutting down operations. 

Our MAP customers are some of the biggest meat packagers, fresh produce, and packaged food companies in the world. They are going to remain “essential” throughout the duration of this pandemic and its shelter-in-place orders. We are proud that they rely on our analyzers to produce safe, high quality products that so many consumers truly need right now.  

The same goes for our EGA customers. Whether you’re a forklift manufacturer supplying plants and warehouses with the lifts they need to move product through the supply chain, or an automotive company continuing to manufacture and maintain vehicles that get people to hospitals, grocery stores, and other essential businesses that they rely on for survival; know that you’re essential. And we are here to make sure that you continue to run your business safely and efficiently.

During this trying period of time we want to thank you, our customers, for being essential not simply to the large amounts of people who rely on your products every day, but also for being essential to us. 

Thank you and let us know if we can help you carry out your business in any way during this time. 

We would love to help.