MAP Gas Analyzer - CO2/O2 CAT

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The Model 900151 gas analyzer is used to measure the Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide level in a Controlled Atmosphere Transport (CAT) shipping container. The analyzer is fully wash-down protected and is housed in a very compact NEMA-4 case, measuring only 6 ¼ L x 3W x 3 ½ H and weighing 2.5 lbs. The analyzer is fully sealed against the environment and protects the internal electronics from water and dirt intrusion, allowing the analyzer to be washed down with water after use. It also contains an internal NiMH battery pack that will operate the unit on a standalone basis for up to 6 hours.

The analyzer is controlled by an internal microprocessor, and uses time-proven NDIR technology for CO2 measurement and a rugged chemical sensor for O2 analysis. All operating controls are by means of a sealed membrane switch . and the analyzer consumes a mere 2 ½ Watts during operation. (A detailed specification is included at the end of this description.)

Gas is sampled from the container by means of the gas port . an industry standard BH3-60 quick disconnect male fitting on the container. Be disconnecting the input gas line and connecting the analyzer to the container, the container ambient gas is drawn into the analyzer by means of the built-in analyzer sample pump, analyzed, and the gas data presented on the bright ½ inch LED displays.

The analyzer contains an internal water trap and protective filter to prevent any contamination or moisture in the sample gas from reaching the analyzer optics.