O2 Absorbers - 20cc Sachets

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  • One case of 20cc O2 Absorber sachets contains 30 bags of 400pcs. 
  • O2 Absorbers can be purchased by the case or in 3 packs. 

AGELESS® absorbs oxygen to preserve good taste and freshness.

AGELESS deoxidizes the interior of a sealed package in a way never before possible with conventional vacuum and gas replacement packaging. Even small amounts of oxygen, which infiltrate through the film surface are removed completely. AGELESS is a truly dynamic oxygen absorber.

The flavor, color, fragrance and nutrition of freshly prepared food can now be retained for long periods of time.

AGELESS® is simple and effective

Conventional packaging such as vacuum packing and gas flushing package packing require devoted facilities, but you can use AGELESS just by providing a sealing machine.

AGELESS can be inserted quickly and simply by using an automatic inserter.

AGELESS® assures safety and quality

AGELESS prevents the growth of molds and aerobic bacteria, while also preventing harmful insects.

Oxidized oils and fats are a detriment to good health. They can be prevented by the deoxidization effect of AGELESS.

Reducing amount of food additive.

Various tests conducted by official organizations have confirmed the safety of AGELESS.

AGELESS has been awarded the ISO9001 Quality System Certification.

AGELESS® has made distribution more efficient

Extending a food's shelf life allows food manufacturers to market greater varieties of food and expand their markets, while still retaining good taste and freshness.

AGELESS allows for the simple and easy control of production and inventory.