EGA - Annual Filter Pack

Regular price $135.00

Bridge Analyzers has configured the p/n 000815 Annual Use Filter pack shown above with:

6 pcs of the 50 mm probe input filter,
6 pcs of the water trap filter, and
3 pcs of the 25 mm analyzer handle filter

This kit provides the filters in the quantity and mix for a year of normal operation. Buying the filters in this pack not only provides the filters required for a year of normal operation, but saves 25% off the price of the equivalent set of individual filter packs below.

These filters are also available in individual packs:

101196 – 50 mm Probe Input Filter, 6 pcs
104156 – Water Trap Filter, 10 pcs
108126 – 25 mm Analyzer Handle Filter, 6 pcs

Customers experiencing heavy use on relatively dirty exhaust may consider supplementing the 000815 pack above with an individual p/n 101196 6-pack of the 50 mm probe input filter – as this filter receives the heaviest use in this application.