EGA - PC Exhaust Analysis Software

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EGA- PC Exhaust Analysis Software (p/n 106460)

Use a desktop or laptop computer to expand your gas analyzer’s capabilities. With this powerful software, exhaust analysis tasks are much easier, because the computer becomes the interface to the analyzer. It’s a valuable addition to an exhaust analyzer system.

Display real-time exhaust data three different ways – Numeric, Gauges, or Strip Chart. All of the displays automatically resize when you resize the program’s window. Run the program full screen to view the displays from several feet away, or shrink it down to a portion of the screen and run it alongside your other applications.

Automatically store data to a file at user-specified intervals. Import the data into a spreadsheet for thorough data analysis and charting.

Generate and print custom test reports. You create your own report template (several examples are provided) with your logo and business information. The software adds customer and vehicle information to create a unique report for each test you run.


p/n 106460