Septa, Black Gold Septum, 15 mm dia.

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The black gold MAP analyzer septum, also known as sticky nickels, are used to seal the needle puncture area when performing modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) sample testing. Use of a MAP analyzer septum prevents air from entering the inside of the package while testing. It helps to ensure an accurate sample of MAP gas.

The 15 mm septa have features including instant adhesion even in moist environments. The pressure sensitive adhesive has been specifically selected for this unique application.

The black gold septum are 15 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm thick. 

The part number is 001620 for a pack of 975 septa. (5 sheets of 195 septum). A case of 9,750 septa (10 packs of 975 septa) is available as part number 001621.