MAP - Gas Calibration Test Stand

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Features: The Gas Test Stand (p/n 001246 ) provides a controlled gas delivery interface to allow for simple verification of Bridge MAP gas analyzer operation. The Gas Test Stand provides all the unique items required to interface the MAP gas analyzer to the industry standard ¼ NPT Female test gas regulator output of a customer-provided process/calibration gas cylinder. The test stand comes complete with a flowmeter/adjuster, a tee assembly (to ensure the delivered gas is at atmospheric pressure), and a tubing interface to provide a gas-tight seal to the sample needle of the Bridge MAP Headspace Gas Analyzer as shown above.

Installation: All the user needs to do is attach a plastic adapter provided with the stand installation kit to the regulator output and run the input line to the gas test stand input. Gas flow is established by setting the cylinder output regulator to 20 psi and the test stand flowmeter to the desired gas delivery flow rate.

Troubleshooting: Use of the test stand allows the customer to deliver known test gas to the analyzer at a controlled flow rate . rapidly facilitating local troubleshooting of gas measurement problems. No more uncertainty of the gas measurement operation, or sending the analyzer back to the factory for unnecessary repair/calibration. The test stand is easy to use method to verify the gas analyzer operation and accuracy locate and correct the problem – whether it is with the analyzer, the gas measurement method, or the packaging process.

Local Calibration: Although frequent calibration is not generally necessary, the test stand may also be used to set the analyzer to read certified test gas values using the built-in field calibration feature of the Bridge MAP gas analyzers. This will trim reading corrections to match a certified test gas, compensating for all local variations in the process.