Wireless Anemometer Crane Package

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When it comes to working at height, safety is of utmost importance. Our wind sensors are used throughout the crane industry as a way of measuring and monitoring wind speed to ensure that every worker working on or around cranes on a job site is aware of when wind speeds exceed specified rates, therefore allowing them to get down from working at height and on the ground to safety.

Excess wind speeds are one of the most common causes of job site injuries and lost revenue in the crane and construction industry. One of our main reasons for developing and manufacturing high quality wind sensors/ anemometers is to take the risk out of working at height, as well as to add value to each and every construction project in which our wind sensors are used.

At Etesian we believe that wind and weather need to be measured and monitored in order to keep the job on schedule, on budget, and most importantly to keep everyone on the job safe. 

Our crane package was designed to be an easy, one stop solution for your at height wind measurement needs. 

The Wireless Anemometer Crane Package includes

  • Wireless Anemometer, 916.5 MHz
  • Wireless Base Unit, 916.5 MHz
  • Power Connection Cable Assembly
  • Swivel Mount Assembly
  • Dual Joint, Ram Mount
  • Antenna with Magnetic Base and 12 foot cable